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Pro-Leagle's Valuation Reports are an invaluable, fast and professional way of ascertaining the value of a Freehold. These reports are frequently used in both informal and formal settlement of Collective Enfranchisement cases and could be of use if:

  • You have been approached by your Leaseholders who wish to buy their Freehold.
  • You have received a formal Section 13 Tenant's Notice from your Leaseholders requesting statutory Collective Enfranchisement.
  • You wish to realise funds relating to the Freehold asset you own.

What Does a Pro-Leagle Valuation Include?

  • Pro-Leagle's Valuation Report provides two pages of calculation per Report complete with Marriage and Hope Value breakdown (if applicable). Two pages of detailed explanation are also provided.
  • Each Valuation Report sets out the overall value of the Freehold as well as that of each individual freehold share (if dealing with flats). The calculations involved are derived from statute set out in the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993.
  • Variables used in the calculation are derived from legislation, the relevant leases, Parry's Valuation Tables, and values upheld in the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal for areas throughout England and Wales.

Who Uses Pro-Leagle Valuations?

  • Pro-Leagle's Valuation Reports are regularly commissioned by estate agents and solicitors managing leasehold transactions. They are also obtained by Leaseholders wishing to purchase their Freehold
  • A Chartered Surveyor's Valuation should not be necessary for you to determine the reasonable value of your Tenant's Freehold Purchase providing that Pro-Leagle has all of the necessary information.

How do I get a Pro-Leagle Valuation?

  • Call 020 3637 5189 between 9:30am and 5pm weekdays to discuss your requirements.
  • For all valuations you will need a copy of the lease for each flat. You will also need to give realistic current market values for each flat in the property. Improvement works to each flat carried out by the leaseholders can be taken into account to their benefit.
  • Note that the entire freehold must change hands at the same time. Consequently, to obtain an accurate freehold valuation, all flats in the building must be valued, whether they are participating or not.

Professional Freehold Valuations at

  • Express Valuations (1-2 working days): £115.00 per flat
  • Standard Valuations (7-10 working days): £99.00 per flat

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  • Value the freehold yourself via our sister company FreeLee
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